We create new compounds, combinations and connections

When does innovation happen? When familiar building blocks are combined in an unprecedented way to create something new. And creating new connections and compounds is our core business: whether between ideas, which we turn into innovations, or between unusual materials, which come together in new combinations.

And we don’t just make particularly innovative adhesives. We rethink the entire production process and take into account the complete value chain. Our solutions improve energy efficiency and recyclability, reduce emissions and the use of materials, replace toxic substances, increase quality and accelerate and streamline manufacturing processes.

In short, our developments stick. Our track record demonstrates just how: since 2009, we have transferred a dozen innovations successfully into the industry. If new markets and fields of application for the adhesives industry sound interesting to you, then get in touch with us now.

Wall of Fame: our success stories

  • Reinforcements: same strength, 30 times lighter.

    This fibre-reinforced adhesive film can be used anywhere where high performance is called for. In the membranes used in sailing or outdoor equipment, for example, or in tapes, straps and pressure tanks made from composite materials. Reinforcements combines the highest mechanical performance with extremely low surface weight: if it is used to replace a polyester fabric, it reduces the weight by a factor of 30. And as well as all of that, it’s solvent-free, storage-stable and resistant to temperature and climatic variations. A detailed description of its technical specifications can be found in adhesion.

  • Heares: heat and fire protection at temperatures > 900°C

    Whether in car engines, batteries or fire curtains: you need adhesives which don’t lose their adhesion at extreme temperatures, are well insulated and as durable and reliable as possible. The Heares solution resists up to twice as high temperatures as conventional products. This allows for new material combinations, reduces the use of materials and increases the quality of the end product. Detailed information is available in adhesion.

  • Airbag: highest level of airtightness at the lowest weight.

    Airbags must combine high performance, durability and high precision. Even though the majority will never be used, they all need to be ready to save lives within fractions of a second at the decisive moment. nolax’s adhesive film stands out through its extremely high airtightness – and it is also lighter and more compact than conventional products. This improves the quality and streamlines the production process. This product was taken over in 2016 by the Japanese company Nitto Denko Corporation

  • Security: anti-fraud protection for passports and brand products.

    Modern passports contain a range of security features including hologrammes, tags and chips. To ensure they are as well protected as impossible, it is essential for these features to be clean, secure and permanently integrated or attached. Similar requirements apply to protecting brand products. Our adhesives for security applications improve the quality of the bonding and enable the production of innovative substrates.  

  • Injection: 30 % lighter for the same price.

    To make components for highly rigid vehicles as light as possible, you need a combination of plastic and metal. The Injection adhesive film from nolax permanently binds dissimilar materials such as plastic and metal – without any pretreatment and in one single manufacturing step.  Metals such as aluminium, bright or galvanized steel, or stainless steel can be directly equipped with an adhesive film (one shot process). It’s worth it: it uses less materials, manufacturing is more efficient and whole new combinations of materials can be created. Find out more, including detailed technical benchmarks, in this article from adhesion.

  • Lamination: safer and longer-lasting skis thanks to better adhesion.

    Modern skis are what is known as multi-material laminates, meaning different materials such as aluminium and glass-fibre-reinforced epoxy resin are combined. But care is needed, as the materials have different thermal expansion coefficients. This makes these combinations tricky, given that skis are exposed to high-pressure environments such as humidity or temperature variations. In the worst-case scenario, delamination can occur, where the combined materials separate from one another. nolax’s adhesive film provides the best possible bridges between the materials, making them robust in the face of humidity and temperature variations and increasing their lifespans. In addition to improving product quality, the production process is streamlined. More detailed information is available in this edition of adhesion.

  • Fastener: structural and elastic bonds in seconds.

    Fastener streamlines production and improves the quality of the end product. New adhesive technology for structural and elastic bonds in seconds. Curing takes place at room temperature. The joint remains permanently elastic and has good aging resistance. Detailed information is available in adhesion.

  • Binders: binding agents for the manufacture of water-based paints and plasters.

    Replaces undesirable volatile organic compounds (VOC).

  • Profiles: adhesive film for butt-splicing profile ends.

    Profiles offers better quality bonding without undesirable emissions.

  • Lareas: streamlined production through adhesive-free manufacturing.

    Our latent reactive adhesive technology for pre-applied applications.

  • Ballistics: material composites for civil and military grade personal protection.

    High-tech material composite solutions enable new combinations of materials and improve the quality of the end product. 

  • Score: providing the optimal grip for sports equipment.

    A safer solution which replaces undesirable substances.

  • Medical: adhesives and adhesive films for medical applications with skin contact.

    Medical replaces undesirable substances and emissions.

  • Decoration: direct plastic-metal bonding.

    Our adhesive film streamlines production and improves the energy efficiency and quality of the end product.

  • Label: hot-melt adhesives for secure packaging.

    Label replaces undesirable substances and emissions and improves the quality of the bonding.