The ideas laboratory for the adhesive industry

«My vision is for nolax to be the innovation engine of the adhesive industry. Our developments open up new markets and ensure greater efficiency and sustainability.»


Stefan Leumann,

Founder & Owner

nolax is a family company from Sempach Station in central Switzerland, locally grounded and globally oriented. Our core business is new adhesive solutions, which we make market-ready and sell.


To achieve this, our team of chemists, engineers and scientists work on our innovations every day. We make production processes more efficient, end products more sustainable and applications easier – and we generate real added value whilst we’re doing so.


The foundations of our business are expertise proven in the field and long-standing connections. The history of nolax goes back to 1947, but our spirit is focused on the industry of the future. We anticipate today the most important needs of the sector in five- or ten-years’ time.


To sum us up: we’re the ideas laboratory for the adhesive industry.